Industrial Power Washing

industrial-gasesIndustrial power washing presents many unique challenges.  Heavy duty soils, sensitive equipment and delicate controls, production schedules, manpower safety considerations and property protection are among them when considering hiring a pressure wash company.  Our pressure wash services are equipped to deal with each and every one.  Georgia Power Washing, LLC. works with you and your staff to ensure each pressure wash project is done properly, safely, on-time and with minimum disruption and cost.


Avoid expensive breakdowns with your machinery by having Georgia Power Washing, LLC. safely power wash dirt and grease buildup that ultimately causes a disruption in your service or production line. Power washing your industrial equipment on a regular basis keeps your business operational.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC. provides a complete suite of services in industrial pressure washing:


  • Power Wash Industrial Exteriors and Interiors
  • Power Wash Heavy Equipment
  • Graffiti Removal Pressure Wash
  • Power Wash Manufacturing Surfaces
  • Power Wash Tanks
  • Power Wash Machinery
  • Grease Removal
  • Paint surface preparation
  • Power Wash Floors
  • Power  Wash Lime, Scale, Calcium Deposits
  • Power Wash Wineries
  • Power Wash Masonry and Concrete Surfaces

Georgia Power Washing, LLC. safely pressure washes the many surfaces in the industrial industry.  We protect equipment, machinery, controls, products and inventory while performing our work.  Our pressure washing services remove dirt,oil, grease, graffiti, stains and more.  We also apply professional-grade concrete sealers for warehouses and industrial plants. Seal ‘n Lock System continues to be on the cutting edge within the sealant and pressure wash industry.

Whatever your pressure washing requirements are, you can rest assured that Georgia Power Washing, LLC. will sustain its high level of customer service and deliver a quality product.

Contact us today for more information about how Georgia Power Washing, LLC. can serve you at 678-954-2134.