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Graffiti is unsightly, a nuisance and troublesome. Our goal at Georgia Power Washing, LLC  is simple: Make it look like it never happened by using a combination of soaps and pressure washing. And 99% of the time we can do just that. We have a number of graffiti removal and vandalism removal options at our disposal. Based on what the graffiti is applied with, the surface the graffiti is applied on and the size of the actual graffiti, we will determine the system that is most effective in removing the graffiti. One of our professional team members will inspect the graffiti in person to ensure that you are given the best option in removing the graffiti.

It’s sad to say, but in most cities and large metropolitan areas (and even rural) art graffiti and graffiti removalis an ongoing problem. Graffiti is a artistic method of self-expression, and a can of spray paint and a piece of public property unfortunately is the intended target.  In some areas graffiti remains on the walls as evidence of constant vandalism, but in others pressure wash efforts are always being implemented to keep walls, park benches, parking lots and other buildings in tip-top shape.

Graffiti Removal Services in Georgia!

Using pressure washing cleaning equipment combined with non-hazardous graffiti removers Georgia Power Washing, LLC.  can entirely remove graffiti attacks from any type of porous or non-porous surface quickly and efficiently at any time convenient to the customer.

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You can save time, expense, and frustration by contacting Georgia Power Washing, LLC. today for all you Graffiti Removal problems. Often, professional-strength cleaning products are required to undo graffiti attacks, and these chemicals must be professionally applied. A quick, professional examination will determine the most effective method of graffiti removal. Please contact us and we will assist you to determine the proper course of action.

Graffiti makes people feel unsafe, lowers property value, presents a negative image, and attracts additional vandalism. The key is to remove the graffiti tag, quickly and completely. Painting over the graffiti tag or applying inappropriate removers damages the original surface. We simply offer superior graffiti removing products. Unlike competitive products that can take days to work, our graffiti removing products are more powerful and work much faster. Clean up that ugly graffiti and bring your property back to the way it should be. Get rid of your graffiti and call US!

Georgia Power Washing, LLC. specializes in GRAFFITI REMOVING SERVICES that remove graffiti from buildings, walls, schools, roads, bridges, metal signs, etc. in the throughout Georgia!

We offer a complete line of graffiti removing services which can provide you with fast and effective graffiti removal solution – with performance that is far superior to the competition. Our philosophy is to remove graffiti from any exterior and interior surface quickly and completely, without changing or damaging the surface at the most economical price for you.




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