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One of many continuing training events that Georgia Power Washing, LLC participates in.  Our equipment was used for the training session.

Atlanta, August, 2015

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Post Construction Cleanup

Power Washing and Window Cleaning  should only be performed by an EXPERIENCED personnel for construction cleanup!

  • Construction cleanups require knowledge and experience.
  • New concrete flatwork is at its most vulnerable – cleaning concrete before it is fully cured with high pressure will cause damage.
  • Which glass is tempered? Only that which is required by code or all of it? Yes, it does matter!
  • Is there fabricating debris?
  • Different construction materials and debris on glass, wood, masonry, EIFS and vinyl require different methods of removal.
  • In order to adequately remove debris, proper detergents may be needed.
    • You must know if the detergent will cause a reaction with surrounding material
    • You must match the detergent to the debris to be removed.
  • If construction cleanup is done correctly, your project will be properly prepared for regular cleaning.
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Wash Water Recovery Meets Environmental Needs

If environmental compliance is important to you and your facility, Georgia Power Washing, LLC has the experience and equipment to provide impressive end results while meeting or exceeding the environmental protection agencies recommended practices regarding wash water control.Any substrate from concrete parking lots to multi story building exteriors may require the dirty wash water to be recaptured and disposed of in accordance with the “Clean Water Act of 1972”. The Georgia Power Wash team is highly trained and equipped to fully comply with National, state and local municipalities Best management practices (BMP’S) regarding waste water disposal along with industry standards set forth by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC) .

Why We Do It.

Related imageConcrete and many other porous surfaces hold and trap oils, heavy metals, automotive fluids, cleaning agents and other non eco friendly particles. When these surfaces are cleaned, the contaminants that settle into the surface are suspended in the wash water. If this contaminated water reaches storm drains it will likely find its way into local rivers, lakes and streams. Reclaiming the wash water allows us to direct the pollutants to exactly where they need to go for proper disposal.

Authorities, federal and state, have increased enforcement in the Atlanta area over the last few years. More and more citations and fines are being issued for noncompliance when it comes to wash water discharge. These fines not only affect the pressure washing contractor but can also be applied to building owners as well.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC strives to be on the fore front of environmental compliance. We obtain the ability to complete small or large scale power washing projects while keeping the environment safe from contaminants and eliminating non compliance fines

How we do it.

Image result for wash water control

Our industrial vacuum systems are powerful enough reclaim massive amounts of dirty water and simultaneously filter out the oil, heavy solids, silt and sludge. The filtered and processed water is then discharged into holding tanks to be recycled and reused in our cleaning process or discharged into the facilities sanitary sewer system.

Our main focus is to provide outstanding exterior cleaning results while ensuring that we do our part in keeping Georgia’s waterways clean for ourselves and future generations alike.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC


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Setting The Trend For Clean In Georgia!

Throughout years of the serving Metro Atlanta, we have noticed a few trends we would like to share. These trends would go unnoticed to most people, but for us, they couldn’t be more obvious.

Recurring commercial cleaning accounts make up a large portion of our workload.  These can be anything from fuel stations to coffee shops, fast food chains to office complexes.  No matter the type of property, the end goal is basically the same.  We transform a property from looking dingy and neglected to shiny and perfected.  Georgia Power Washing, LLC is all about making properties look their best, which involves a lot more than just pressure washing.  We encourage homeowners and business owners to start a trend of cleanliness, others WILL follow.

Here is a few of the trends pertaining to exterior cleaning.

  • Keeping up with the Jones’–  Another trend we see very often is the desire to have exterior cleaning performed based on  ” I didn’t realize how dirty my house was until you cleaned my neighbors”.  This holds true for residential and commercial properties alike.  Georgia Power Washing, LLC has cleaned 1 home in a subdivision, which led to cleaning both neighbors homes, which led to cleaning several homes on the street etc. etc.  We ended up not only cleaning most of the homes in the subdivision, but cleaning the sidewalks and clubhouse for the Homeowners Association.  Another place we see this trend is in strip malls or shopping centers.  If one tenant has their concrete entrance way cleaned, the others usually follow.  Again, you don’t realize how dirty a surface is until you see a side by side comparison.
  • http://rpwprowash.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/gumremoval_beforeandafter.jpgChewing gum–  Peoples favorite flavored gum often ends up on the concrete sidewalks or parking lots of businesses.  Sometimes there is so much, it resembles a dirty polka dotted pattern.  One trend we have noticed is that once all of the gum is removed, people are a lot less likely to throw gum on the ground.  If there are hundreds of black gum spots at the entrance to a building, most people don’t think twice about adding a piece to the collection.  If the entrance is clean, bright, and gum-free concrete, fewer people will litter resulting in a cleaner overall image.
  • Waste receptacle placement–  https://www.upbeat.com/Images/blog/steelslat-050213.jpgBelieve it or not, proper waste bin placement can help prevent gum, cigarette butts and general trash from accumulating in an area.  We are seeing more and more cigarette butt containers placed out of the main entrance to stores and restaurants, but still close enough that patrons know they are there.  Also, many drive thru fast food locations are placing garbage cans at the end of the drive thru.  This helps keep the trash off the ground, but also keeps customers from discarding liquid waste (sods and coffee) on the concrete.

All of these trends are a positive step for our great city.  Keeping Nashville clean is our mission, and we love to see the chain reaction that a clean home or business can create.  To learn more  call us today.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC

North Georgia’s Premier Power Wash and Soft Wash Professionals

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Georgia Power Washing, LLC Protecting Your Customers from Potential Slip and Fall Lawsuits

By cleaning our client’s sidewalks, driveways, and other walking traffic areas, Georgia Power Washing, LLC is doing more than keeping its clients establishments looking good. We are protecting our clients from potential slip and fall lawsuits, the most common personal injury lawsuits in the United States.slip_and_fall accident

CNA insurance reported that people slip and fall on property for five major reasons:

  1. Lack of slip resistance on walking surfaces (i.e.: no mats in a restaurant kitchen)
  2. Poor walking surface conditions (i.e.: uneven surfaces, snow and ice, etc.)
  3. Poor visibility (i.e.: no lighting in a parking lot)
  4. Lack or poor condition of handrails and guardrails
  5. Poor accessibility

Georgia Power Washing, LLC helps clients avoid the poor walking surface conditions by cleaning off grease, oils, accumulation of sand and dirt, and other kinds of deposits from often-used surfaces.  Consistent cleaning makes working conditions and public use safer, perhaps the most important reason for regular service. Injuries from falling can lead to permanent disabilities and even death, specifically for the elderly.

How common are these kinds of incidents? Russell J. Kendzior writes in his book Falls Aren’t Funny: America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Slip-and-Fall Crisis that:

  • Approximately 25,000 people a day are victims to slip-and-fall accidents. The expense of these injuries is running $3.5 million per hour, every hour of the day, and every day of the year. That’s over $30 billion per year.
  • The average cost of a slip-related injury exceeds $12,000.
  • The average cost to defend a slip-and-fall lawsuit is $50,000.
  • Plaintiffs win 51% of premises liability claims.

Someone who is injured from a fall can sue under Premise Liability Law, “the legal principles that hold landowners and tenants responsible when someone enters onto their property and gets hurt due to a dangerous condition. With few exceptions, premises liability claims are based on negligence,” as described on Hg.com. The legal definition of negligence, according to the Legal Information Institute, is:

“A failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances. The behavior usually consists of actions, but can also consist of omissions when there is some duty to act.”

In other words, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant did not act at a level of care that would keep the ground or floors from being hazardous. Regular cleanings can be considered “behaving with a level of care” by someone with “ordinary prudence.” It certainly would be better than risking no cleanings at all.

To confuse matters some, several power washing-related websites post the following statement with regard to approaching clients about keeping floors safe:

“According to OSHA and The American Disabilities Act (sic): Passed by Congress in July 1992, Title III notes: For all business open to the public, flooring and walkways should have a friction coefficient of .60 or above and ramps should have a friction coefficient of .80 or above. There are penalties for failure to comply (up to $50K first offense) and tax benefits for businesses that take steps to comply.”

When checked against OSHA guidelines and the Americans With Disabilities Act, this statement is incorrect. Juan Rodriguez, Deputy Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Public Affairs confirmed that the above statement “is not a paragraph from OSHA.” The actual guidelines state:

“28 CFR 1910.141 (a)(3)(ii) The floor of every workroom shall be maintained, so far as practicable, in a dry condition. Where wet processes are used, drainage shall be maintained and false floors, platforms, mats, or other dry standing places shall be provided, where practicable, or appropriate waterproof footgear shall be provided.”

OSHA regulations do not mandate specific floor friction coefficients. OSHA has made only recommendations based on a study done on floor slippage. To another point, OSHA and the Americans With Disabilities Act are not related. OSHA is an agency of the Department of Labor while the ADA is a law enforced by The United States Department of Justice. With regard to flooring, the ADA states:

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends that walking surfaces have a static coefficient of friction of 0.5. A research project sponsored by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) conducted tests with persons with disabilities and concluded that a higher coefficient of friction was needed by such persons. A static coefficient of friction of 0.6 is recommended for accessible routes and 0.8 for ramps.”

It goes on to explain that friction coefficients vary and that builders are encouraged to use materials that fall within the recommended range.

Again, no coefficient of friction is mandated – hence, no penalty. Lastly, and most important to those cleaning floors, power washers are not part of the material selection process. The friction coefficient of the flooring purchased is up to the builders.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC simply wants to inform our potential clients of the prevalence of people suing when they fall and that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

House Washing and Roof Cleaning For The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and this means many of us will be dsc_03851hosting holiday gatherings for family and friends. Before your guests arrive, it may be a good idea to take a look at your home’s exterior. Its not too late to add some instant curb appeal with some of Georgia Power Washing, LLC’s exterior cleaning and pressure washing services in Metro Atlanta, Athens and surrounding areas.

Take a look at your home, in the eyes of a visitor. Let’s be honest, homeowners often don’t see their homes in the same way a visitor may. With our busy lives and schedules, things like, scattered laundry, carpets in need of vacuuming in our home or even dirty siding or sidewalks on our home’s exterior get overlooked and just become part of what we consider normal. But yet, when we are expecting company, we rush to clean up the inside of our homes to make them feel welcome(and maybe save some face with our in-laws LOL) Why shouldn’t we set our home’s exterior’s cleanliness to the same standards as we do our home’s interior?

Does your roof have ugly black stains that can be seen when walking down your sidewalk? When they arrive at your front door, will they see an infestation of spider webs and other debris hanging from your porch ceiling? If you your answer is yes to any of the above, have no fear, there is still time to clean up the outside of your home just in time for the guests to arrive.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC has a variety of exterior cleaning services that will make your home sparkle from curb to roof top! Our soft wash roof cleaning and house washing are a great way to remove years of algae growth from your shingles or siding revealing a clean, algae free surface below without the use of high pressure. Dirty dirty sidewalks or driveway? Or pressure washing services will ensure that your walkways and driveway are clean and welcoming to guests.

Don’t wait any longer, give the specialists at Georgia Power Washing, LLC a call to get your home’s exterior ready to welcome your holiday visitors. 717-324-4208


Power Washing — The Right Way

Codes and Ordinances for Power Washing and Commercial Property Cleaning

Did you know the state of Georgia ensures that at a local level there are codes and ordinances to control pressure washing and commercial property cleaning? Codes and ordinances are controlled at either a city or county level. Most people including business and property owners don’t realize this and may try to clean or wash the exterior of their property themselves or even hire a company that is also not educated or informed about each counties codes or ordinances.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC.  is familiar with all the various codes, regulations and ordinances. We make sure that every commercial property is cleaned properly and legally. Even though you hire a company to perform the cleaning, if they don’t follow the regulations in place, you, the business owners will pay the price via a fine or even a possible temporary shut down.

It All Starts From The Kitchen!

It All Starts From The Kitchen!

An investigation into the deaths of two Boston fire fighters during a respo13988042_10209290731016945_2685982001403305586_onse to a restaurant’s kitchen fire on August 29, 2007 concluded that the blaze reached a deadly recourse because of a faulty kitchen hood ventilation system. For the food industry, maintaining a clean workplace isn’t just good for business – it’s essential. One of the most important systems is the kitchen hood ventilation system. Keeping it clean and in top working order will bring safety, sanitation, and professionalism to your restaurant’s kitchen.

Consider the importance of kitchen hood ventilation cleaning and how many orders cycle through your commercial business daily. When you’re working in the food industry, maintaining a proactive attitude is essential – you need to get the job done, and you need to do it quickly, safely, and effectively.

In this fast-paced environment, it’s essential to invest in regular hood cleaning services. This part of your kitchen becomes a prime repository for grease, oil, food, and other buildup. The result doesn’t just compromise the efficiency of your hood, it presents a major fire hazard. By regular cleaning maintenance, this eliminates the risk and promotes a safe working environment with a properly trained cleaning company providing a comprehensive hood cleaning solutions.

Such a company should be committed to delivering a service that addresses all of the priorities of your business. These include:

  • A Safe Workplace: Fifty-nine percent of commercial kitchen fires are triggered by unsafe cooking conditions. By cleaning your hood, it ensures that your restaurant’s biggest tool is an asset – and not a safety hazard.
  • Complete Code Compliance: Local and federal regulations are rigorous. In order to keep your business running smoothly, the hood cleaning company should provides solutions that maintain compliance with fire and safety codes. As a result, your food service endeavor can stay in business safely.
  • A Lasting First Impression: Customers are drawn to businesses that feel clean, appealing, and professional, and it all starts from the kitchen.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC serves customers of varying sizes. The kitchen of a small sit-down restaurant varies significantly from fast food, so we customize our services to fit the needs of any business.

Our service plan might be tailored, but it always contains the same outcome. We deliver a safe, inviting, and code-compliant place to run your business successfully. Your hood is an investment and it stands at the crux of your business’s success. Georgia Power Washing, LLC provides a full system of cleaning and maintenance to promote a safer, more inviting space. In order to provide a superior result, we do it right or we don’t do it at all. A-commercial-kitchen-hood-system

In closing, remember, your property is your most important asset and it reflects upon YOU! 

We’re Georgia’s premier power washing company, giving you that second chance to make a clean impression.

Todd Reese
Georgia Power Washing, LLC

Got Ugly Roof Stains? Here’s why.

Here at Georgia Power Washing, we are the premier and leading North Georgia roof cleaning company in the area, providing specialized soft wash roof cleaning for North Georgia. Is your home in need of a roof cleaning due to black stains and green moss buildup?

Why does my roof turn black? And Why Now? The first question that needs to be answered.. About 25 years ago shingle manufactures began to add a limestone filler into the shingles in order to add weight and reduce the cost of shingles. The side-effect of this was that limestone is a food source for airborne spores that are given off from trees and other vegetation. Between the sun light hitting the north and east side of your home, and the food source in your shingles, you have just created the perfect breeding ground for mold and algae! (The black streaks on your roof are mold and algae.) This is due to the close proximity of the trees and the humid spring and summer conditions.

Can the mold and algae hurt the integrity of my roof? Absolutely! As the mold and algae bonds to your roof, it grows, eating more and more limestone. The black streaks begin to spread down and across your roof . This can lead to 3 problems. Premature replacement of a roof. The average roof is rated for 30 years, but it is not uncommon to see roofs being replaced at 15 years due to mold and algae. The second problem is that when the roof is covered in mold and algae, the shingles are not able to reflect heat, which can directly impact your summer cooling bill. And lastly, mold and algae can make its way into the home resulting in some health problems.

Why replace when you can clean? Roof Cleaning in North Georgia is not a new discovery, as the climate changes new problems prevail. We are here to help. We are trying to educate the public on the roof and exterior cleaning process by using low pressure. This year alone in North Georgia, we saved a little over $1 million dollars in UN-needed roof replacements. We would like to spread the savings along! Replacing a roof is very expensive, when most times all you need is a cleaning!

Chemical Cleaning Vs. Pressure Washing Most of our visitors have never heard of roof cleaning. Not all areas of the region are in need of this service, and it is a result of the humid North Georgia, weather that causes mold, mildew and aglae to thrive in Georgia. However, there is a lot of misinformed “cleaning” providers in the North Georgia area that believe the only solution it to blast everything away with high pressure! Our goal is to properly educate our customers about their most prized possession, their homes, and what is the most expensive part of a home – the roof! No matter what your roofing cover is, asphalt shingles, metal or cedar shake, the only safe and approved method of cleaning is done with a chemical mixture combined by a professional roof cleaning company and applied at a low pressure!

Why Chemically Clean Your Roof? As apposed to our low pressure roof and exterior cleaning system, pressure washing has many negative side effects. The first is that high pressure cleaning water is lodged in places that it is not supposed to be, such as behind vinyl siding and into windows, as well as removing parts of your roof that should stay in tact! Chemically cleaning your roof is both safe and extremely effective. Georgia Power Washing is able to apply this algae-cide and fungicide that cleans on contact by removing the mold and algae by the roots and depositing a defensive barrier in the spot left open. Help add years to the life of your roof! Call us today to make a reservation.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC.

This is Bob:

Bob’s house is green with mold
Bob owns a home depot pressure washer he bought for $300
Bob thinks pressure washing his house to remove mold is a fun Saturday project for him
Bob doesn’t realize pressure washing a house isn’t an easy task
Bob washes his house on Saturday like he planned and gets very frustrated
Bob leaves lines on his house by not doing it correctly
Bob also leaves lines in his concrete and makes permanent damage on his deck
Bob ends up calling a professional to come fix his work
Bob gets informed they can make everything look nice that hasn’t been damaged
Don’t be like Bob, call a professional first!Pressure-washing-dutchess-county[1]