Wash My House in Atlanta, GA — Protect your Investment

Why  Wash?

Power Washing services in the Metro Atlanta Area offers a critical service to home owners and business owners alike.  Real estate is the largest financial investment an individual will make. If you’re one of these homeowners then you know that keeping your house and property exterior clean by pressure washing not only boost your home’s curb appeal, but it has been shown time and again to increase a home’s value.

Power Washing your house, deck, and driveway, when done correctly by a professional house cleaning company, is an extremely good value considering the increased value these services bring to your property.

Power Washing also saves you a considerable amount of money by stopping the damaging effects of dirt, grit, grime, mold, and mildew which will cause rot and decay of the building materials used in the construction of your house.



Metro Atlanta experiences high humidity throughout the year and all homes experience algae, mold, and mildew growth on their homes and roofs due to the moisture from this region.

These natural and man made contaminants, when ignored season after season, can cause costly future repairs, needless renovations, and frequently result in complete replacement of building materials. All of this can easily be avoided by having your house pressure washed or business pressure washed by a regular professional .

Creating a yearly power washing cleaning budget for your home and property is a smart way to engage in preventative maintenance, which will help you avoid expensive and unnecessary future repairs.



Does your business’ exterior appearance turn away customers?

Even if you have great customer service and competitive prices, it may not be enough. To keep your customers or attract new ones, the exterior is the starting point to introduce them to your establishment. Customers will judge your business on how you entryway looks. This is the first impression for a potential new customer.

Looks matter!

:Shopping is like buying a house,” said Rick Segel, a retail and marketing expert who wrote Retail Business Kit for Dummies. “If [a store] doesn’t have curb appeal, a potential customer isn’t going to go in.”

Based solely on the appearance of a business from the street, more than two-thirds of consumers 


decided not to visit a business, according to a 2011 surv

Dirty Walkways

ey by Morpase, a market research and consulting firm. Other findings from this survey include:

  • 95% said stores external appearance influences their decisions about where to shop.
  • 52% said they avoided a store because of a dirty appearance from the outside.
  • 39% said they won’t enter a store that doesn’t “look like a place I would normally shop.”

The front entryway appearance is what gives a potential customer their first impression about your business; Make sure the first impression is a good one.

Clean Entryway & Walkways

Tips for creating and keeping a clean and inviting exterior:

Taking your store’s appearance for granted will turn customers away. Look at how other stores in your area are kept clean or not kept clean. Notice the difference?


  • Make sure all external signage is clear, modern and compelling.
  • Ensure all exterior signage lighting is working so you store name is clearly visible from the street.
  • Remove all trash from the exterior of the building and sidewalks.
  • Police and clean the parking lot.
  • Clean windows and remove any outdated information posted in the windows, entryway or bulletin boards, etc.
  • Sweep and clean the entry. Remove gum spots.
  • Make sure the store entry is uncluttered.
  • Clean the sidewalks outside your business.

If you really want to create an unforgettable customer experience, don’t overlook the importance of curb appeal. Whether you know it or not, the outside appearance of your storefront is forming opinions (both good and bad) from the moment someone pulls into your parking lot—if not sooner.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC. provides power and softwashin washing services that will have your customers commenting on how great your business looks. Our restaurant maintenance program will keep you entryway clean and gum free, your drive thru free of oil and grease stains, dumpster pads clean and your building free of dirt and grime.

Ideally, you want to hire a company like Georgia Power Washing, LLC. to keep your walkways, building and parking lot looking its very best. If you want to keep your retail store clean, don’t neglect the importance of keeping the exterior of your store clean, too.




Wishing you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season


Holiday decorating is a widespread tradition that should be filled with joyous memories – not visits from fire departments or trips to the emergency room. We don’t often think about it, but the reality is that holiday decorating leads to thousands of consumer accidents annually. Falls from ladders, lacerations from broken ornaments and fires from dried Christmas trees, lit candles or unsupervised fireplaces are causing injuries – even deaths – and millions of dollars in property damage each year.

To help your holiday season safe, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have provided families with the following safety tips and we wanted to pass them along to you:

Trees and Decorations

  • When buying live trees, check for freshness. A fresh tree is green. Its needles are hard to pull from branches, and its needles do not break when bent between your fingers. The bottom of a fresh tree is sticky with resin and, when tapped on the ground, the tree should not lose many needles.
  • When setting up a tree at home, place it away from heat sources, such as fireplaces, vents, and radiators. Because heated rooms rapidly dry out live trees, be sure to monitor water levels daily and keep the tree stand filled with water. Place the tree out of the way of traffic, and do not block doorways with the tree. Also, keep the tree well watered to slow down drying.
  • When buying an artificial tree, look for the label “Fire Resistant.” Although this label does not mean that the tree will not catch fire, it does indicate that the tree is more resistant to catching fire.


  • Keep burning candles within sight. Extinguish all candles before you go to bed, leave the room, or leave the house.
  • Keep candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface where kids and pets cannot reach them or knock them over. Lighted candles should be placed away from items that can catch fire and burn easily, such as trees, other evergreens, decorations, curtains and furniture.


  • Use only lights that have been tested for safety by a nationally recognized testing laboratory, such as UL. Lights for both indoor and outdoor usage must meet strict requirements that testing laboratories are able to verify. On most decorative lights available in stores, UL’s red holographic label signifies that the product meets safety requirements for indoor and outdoor usage. UL’s holographic label, with the green UL Mark, signifies it meets requirements for only indoor usage.
  • Check each set of lights, new or old, for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections. Throw out damaged sets and do not use electric lights on a metallic tree.
  • Check each extension cord to make sure it is rated for the intended use.
  • Check outdoor lights for labels showing that the lights have been certified for outdoor use, and only plug them into a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)-protected receptacle or a portable GFCI.


  • Use care with “fire salts,” which produce colored flames when thrown on wood fires. They contain heavy metals that can cause intense gastrointestinal irritation and vomiting if swallowed. Keep them away from children.
  • Do not burn wrapping papers in the fireplace. A flash fire may result as wrappings ignite suddenly and burn intensely.

Holiday Lighting Safety Guide

The holiday season is a great time to reach out to your customers and remind them they matter to you. To help with that, we’ve put together two holiday-related resources for you to use however you want. Copy and paste the text or download the formatted pdf file. Put it on a blog page. Post it to your Facebook page. Send it out in an email blast. The point is, the information is timely, thoughtful and, perhaps best of all, it’s ready to use.

This particular article can also be used to help promote the value in using a professional to hang holiday lights and decorations — a task that many of our readers take on this time of year.

Santa may be a pro at walking on roofs and climbing down chimneys, but most homeowners are not.


Thousands of Americans end up in the emergency room each holiday season due to falls when hanging holiday lights or decorations. While broken bones are the most common types of injuries, falls can be fatal.

• Around 165,000 Americans require medical treatment for ladder-related falls each year (CDC Study).

• Four out of five American homes use ladders around their homes to prepare for the holidays. (Home Safety Council Study)

• 97% of ladder injuries occur at home. (American Journal of Preventative Medicine)

• Winter weather adds risks – wet/icy conditions and condensation make ladders and roofs slippery, and blustery wind can cause ladders to become unstable.

• Men are 40% more likely than women to be treated for ladder-related injuries (CDC).

• Injury severity increases with age.

To ensure you and your family have the happiest of holidays, your safest bet is to hire a professional to handle hanging those Christmas lights and decorations for you.

If you choose to handle it yourself, however, here are some ladder safety tips from OSHA to remember:

• Make sure your ladder is on secure and level ground before climbing.

• Keep the area around the top and bottom of the ladder clear.

• Space the base of the ladder one foot away from the wall for every four feet it extends up.

• Stay centered between the rails of the ladder. Do not overreach. Move the ladder instead.

• Do not stand on the top two rungs of the ladder.

• To reach a roof, extend the ladder at least three feet beyond the top of the roof.

• Ensure step ladders are securely locked open. Never use a folding step ladder if it is closed.

Emergency Service Worksite Spills

When your company is faced with a work-site emergency, Georgia Power Washing, LLC. is here with a solution. Our expert emergency fuel, hydraulic fluid, and grease spill clean up service is designed to get your property back on track – safely, effectively, and authentically.

Why On-Call Spill Cleanup Experts Matter

A spill at your work-site comes with logistical, safety, and environmental implications. These accidents have the power to compromise the success and welfare of your operation. With our experts on call, customers have confidence that their property is in capable hands. Georgia Power Washing, LLC. makes it our responsibility to correct the damage and get your workflow back on track.

When our customers are faced with a spill, a few primary concerns are top of mind:

  • Environmental risks: Most types of fuel, grease, and hydraulic oil poses a dramatic threat to environmental health. If it seeps into runoff, it can destroy ecosystems, contaminate watersheds, and set your local environment into a state of imbalance. Our services comply with EPA cleanup laws and protect the affected site.
  • Water pollution: Spills and a lack of control are synonymous. When these fluids seep into groundwater or sink into the soil, they pollute drinking water and present a health risk to humans, animals, and plants.
  • Fire hazards: Many fuels are highly flammable. It’s essential to control the spill to prevent fires or explosions.
  • Safety: Slick fuel and oil compromises the safety of the affected area. Vehicles and pedestrians are at risk of slipping on the damaged surface.
  • Workflow: Aside from the grave health and safety concerns, spills also disrupt workflow.

Our team is committed to bringing a quality solution to the customers we serve. We know how to get your property back on track, and we always bring the best quality to our efficient, proven-effective service.

Your Emergency Spill Clean Up Solution

An accident doesn’t work on a 9-5 schedule – and neither do we. Our emergency response team is ready 24 hours a day to bring a safe, comprehensive solution to your work-site. Day or night, we’re here for you.
We have the training and technology to respond to:

  • Hydraulic Fluid Spills
  • Fuel Spills
  • Grease Spills
  • Cooking Oil Spills
    Related image
 Our solutions focus on protecting environmental safety and health, protecting the work-site, and delivering complete restoration to the affected area.

Every spill site differs, and we tailor our service to connect an effective solution to each unique case. Every emergency spill clean up service contains the following elements:

  • Planning, implementation for effective removal
  • Rigid safety protocol
  • OHSA-compliant operation
  • Containing, treating, and removing the spill
  • Cleanup of the affected area
  • Safe disposal of spill fluids
  • Post-treatment inspection
Hazardous spills are a serious issue, and Georgia Power Washing, LLC. is equipped with the tools necessary to deliver a safe solution to our customers. All of our technicians come to your work-site with the training to bring a complete cleanup to your affected area.

Your Specialized Spill Clean Up Experts

Georgia Power Washing, LLC. is committed to the safety of our customers. We take responsibility for your cleanup solution, so that your property, surrounding environment, and workflow can get back on track.

Our rigorous standards define everything that we do. All of our emergency spill clean up solutions include:

  • Established safety protocol. With comprehensive training and field knowledge to support us, we make safety our #1 priority. From the moment you make the call, our team starts establishing a set of safety measures to effectively bring a solution to your property
  • Comprehensive equipment, methods, and technology. Different hazardous substances require unique cleanup approaches. From HAZMAT and Personal Protective Gear to  Chemical Neutralization, our team only brings the best in quality to your property.
  • Committed professionals. We serve our clients, and we’re proud to be a reliable resource in the community.
  • Rapid-response solutions. When an emergency calls, we’re there. Our team is on call to deliver a solution when you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 The Importance of an Emergency Plan

Spill cleanup is the law. The EPA’s Resources Conservation and Recovery Act mandates that all hazardous wastes be treated with “corrective action” that mitigates environmental damage and safely contains the spill. Georgia Power Washing, LLC. provides services that comply with state and federal regulations to keep your property – and the surrounding area – safe and protected. Our team is prepared and qualified to identify, respond, and solve accidents in an emergency setting.

When an accident happens,

call Georgia Power Washing, LLC.


Our experts are always on call to bring a safe, effective solution to you.

Does Your Entry Appearance Turn Away Customers?

Keep a clean entryway to bring customers in and keep them coming back.Related image

Even if you have great customer service and competitive prices it may not be enough to keep your customers or attract new ones if the exterior keeps them from returning or even stepping a foot in the building to start with. Customers will judge your business on how the entryway looks, this is the first impression you get to make to a potential customer.

Looks Count

Shopping is like buying a house, said Rick Segel, a retail and marketing expert who wrote Retail Business Kit for Dummies. “If [a store] doesn’t have curb appeal, a potential customer isn’t going to go in.”
Based solely on the appearance from the street, more than two-thirds of consumers decided not to visit a business, according to a 2011 survey by Morpace, a market research and consulting firm. Other findings from this survey include:
· 95% said stores’ external appearance influences their decisions about where to shop.
· 52% said they avoided a store because of a dirty appearance from outside.
· 39% said they won’t enter a store that doesn’t “look like a place I would normally shop.”

Tips for creating and keeping a clean and inviting exterior:

Taking your store’s appearance for granted will turn customers away. Look at how other stores in your area are kept clean or not kept clean, notice the difference?

  • Make sure all external signage is clear, modern and compelling.
  • Ensure all exterior signage lighting is working so your store name is clearly visible from the street.
  • Remove all trash from the exterior of the building and sidewalks.
  • Clean the parking lot.
  • Clean windows and remove any outdated information posted in windows, entryway, on bulletin boards, etc.
  • Sweep and clean the entry. Remove gum spots
  • Make sure the store entry is uncluttered.
  • Clean the sidewalk outside of your business. On top of cleaning your windows, you also want to do a good job cleaning the sidewalk, or asphalt, outside of your business. Ideally, you want to hire a company like Georgia Power Washing to keep your sidewalk or parking lot looking beautiful. If you want to keep your retail store clean, you’ll also want to keep the exterior clean, too.

The front entryway appearance is what will give a potential customer their first impression about your business; make sure that first impression is a good one. Here at Roof Cleaner we provide pressure washing services that will have your customers commenting on how nice your business looks. Our sidewalk cleaning will keep your entryway clean and gum free, your drive thru free of oil and grease stains and your buildings free of mold, mildew, dirt and grime.

Call Georgia Power Washing at 678-954-2134  and start enjoying the benefits of having a clean and inviting entryways.

Keep It Clean

Your location’s cleanliness and sanitation may be one of the most important factors in attracting new customers—and in keeping the ones you’ve already got.

Image result for power washing restaurants
Cleanliness, so the expression goes, is next to godliness, and while no expert would elevate the need for a tidy restaurant to the realm of spiritual enlightenment, many are passionate about one point: Now is not the time to slack on the suds.

According to a recent retail consumer study performed by M/A/R/C Research and National In-Store,

14 percent of consumers polled said they would stop visiting a store that was not as clean as they would like. Moreover,

29 percent said they would continue visiting an unclean store only if it was absolutely necessary.

“Clearly, cleanliness is an important component of the consumer experience,” says Randy Wahl, senior vice president of M/A/R/C. “This has a direct impact on the amount of spending a retailer can capture.”

Jim Miller, from Ecolab, says that impact is only going to become more significant as consumers’ wallets tighten in this economy and they grow increasingly less forgiving about a restaurant’s appearance.

Todd Reese, from Georgia Power Washing, which provides specialized services such as deep cleaning to thousands of restaurants and businesses throughout Georgia. He says when his company performs a deep clean at a location, owners and operators will often forget about regular site maintenance once Georgia Power Washing has left.

“Owners and operators have to think about cleaning as a cycle,” Todd says. “It’s not enough for a restaurant owner to think, ‘Well, I spent X amount of money last month on a deep clean and that’s it.’ He has to constantly think about what he is doing on a regular basis to make sure his customer’s experience is a positive one.”

Another affordable—and often overlooked—approach to making sure a location is as clean as it should be is checking in on the competition. Too often, owners and operators neglect to look outside the box of their own unit, creating a sort of tunnel vision. He recommends owners and operators make a concerted effort to regularly visit nearby restaurants. That way they can judge whether or not the bar is being set high enough at their location.

“You need to get out and you need to set a benchmark for yourself,” Todd says. “I think it’s imperative.”

Beth Cannon, from Steritech Group, which provides food safety, quality assurance, and pest control to hundreds of clients in the restaurant industry. She says a big factor contributing to a restaurant’s waning attention to cleanliness is basic human nature.

“It’s not about a cleaning crew, extra hours, or an extra person. It’s about making sure that your establishment is clean.”

“No one likes to do this work,” Cannon says. “No one wants to clean the floor, drain the sinks, or mop the bathrooms. Those are not fun jobs. So employees will often wait until these jobs get to the point of being really big, messy problems, and that makes them want to do it even less.”

This is where it becomes essential that owners and operators make sure they have established a regular, accountable cleaning schedule for their employees. It also means managers need to spend concentrated time with new employees when training them on how to keep the restaurant sanitary and presentable.

And, after an employee cleaning schedule is established, Georgia Power Washing provides regular maintenance that provides the deep cleaning provides a complete cleaning cycle.


“The customer is not only more savvy these days. They also only have a limited amount of money they’re willing to spend,” Todd says. “So they will pick the place they think is clean and neat, and will provide them with good service. They are going to spend their money where they don’t have to worry about health issues, clutter, and all the rest that goes into making sure a location is clean.”


Whether you want to admit it or not, first impressions are important. If a client walks up to your building and notices an abundance of dirt and mildew stuck onto the walls or walkways, it will leave a poor first impression. They may feel your business is unprofessional or has inferior service. The same is true with your home. When you invite people to your home, you want them to feel welcome instead of staring down dirt and grime at the entrance. If you are selling your home or property, power washing, can improve the value and curbside appeal.


Image may contain: night and outdoorAt Georgia Power Washing, LLC, we recommend scheduling regular pressure washing for your home and business to reduce the buildup of dirt. With more grime, the job becomes more difficult. But even with an abundance of dirt, sand, grime, mildew and mold, a thorough pressure washing by our technicians can leave the area spectacular. Allowing sediments and grime to remain can permanently damage the surface and even lead to cracks forming

on walls and sidewalks. With professional pressure washing in Georgia, you can ensure your home and business are clean and presentable.


It may be tempting to rent a pressure washer and attempt to perform the service yourself. However, it is much more beneficial to hire a professional. Georgia Power Washing, LLC has the equipment necessary to effectively remove dirt and mold without damaging your property’s exterior. If you have never used a pressure washer, don’t risk it! A pressure washer is a powerful tool that can cause injury and damage.

Machines that are available for rent come with their own risks. These machines are used and abused frequently. By renting a pressure washer, you don’t know whether it has been used as directed or if it has experienced increased wear and tear. And as no two pressure washers are identical, the amount of Image may contain: one or more people, house, shoes, tree, plant and outdoorpressure you may be used to could be different on a rented machine, which can lead to injury.

Overall, commercial and residential pressure washing helps prevent damage to your home or business. It can also restore the beauty of an area to create a lasting first impression. Hiring a professional will save you both time and money and ensure the job gets done properly. Georgia Power Washing, LLC provides you with the expert service you need to ensure your home or office are safe and clean.

Georgia Home Roof Discoloration

The discoloration you see on this Georgia Home Roof’s is caused by Algae growth.

This roof cleaning could have been prevented !

Just as you take care  the yard to control weeds, we can provide service for  your roof once a year to prevent algae growth.

Save Money – Call us BEFORE your roof gets dirty !

If you live in a deed restricted community, a dirty roof will bring a nasty letter from your Homeowners Association.

If they see a dirty roof, it can bring about a full blown inspection of your property !
Do you really want the Homeowners Association snooping around your home ?
God only know what other violations they will find !
This is how they “Punish ” you for breaking the rules.

Save Money, and take away their power over you.
It cost far less to keep your roof from getting dirty in the first place.
Call us BEFORE the algae takes over your roof.

We offer an inexpensive once a year Algaecide application.
This will keep the Black Algae off of your roof, and save you money .
Plus you get the respect of your neighbors for keeping your place up.
As well as longer roof life, and lower air conditioning bills.
Remember, this is a plant on your roof that can spread to the neighbors property!

You wouldn’t let weeds grow uncontrolled in your yard, so why let Black Algae growth run rampant on your roof ?

It looks terrible, causes premature granule loss, makes the A/C work harder, and can spread via airborne spores to the neighbors clean roof !

Plus it can bring that dreaded letter and a full blown home inspection from the Homeowners Association, as well as dirty looks from neighbors for being the eyesore of the neighborhood.

Have your roof as clean on the left than the before on the right!

Why wait ?
Save Money !

Call for a free, no obligation estimate by phone
North Georgia area customers call:

Georgia Power Washing, LLC


Money Saving Tips from Georgia Power Washing, LLC

Power washing a residential driveway or commercial parking lot can provide a lot of aesthetic benefits by removing dirt, mud, oil buildup, and other substances from outdoor flooring. But this cleaning process also offers an indirect benefit—it can help reduce your legal liability.

Failure to regularly clean entryways and frequently traveled areas can lead to buildup of slippery substances. Mold and algae growths can even crack or warp paved surfaces, which leads to tripping hazards. These safety issues can expose you (and your customers or visitors) to big dangers. Slipping and falling is a very common reason people file personal injury lawsuits. These accidents cause injury and death every year and make up 65% of total work days lost in a year.

How do you prevent dangerous buildup? Here are some tips from the trenches:

  • Regularly sweep entryways and pressure wash them yearly, or whenever the buildup starts to become a hazard.
  • While you can engage in concrete cleaning and deck cleaning yourself, this type of project can be time-consuming, physically challenging, and surprisingly hazardous. Consider hiring a professional power washing company to come out as needed (or on a regular basis) to ensure your outdoor areas are safe for pedestrians.
  • Engage in other basic maintenance tasks, such as sweeping the outside deck, hosing off fresh spills, and putting up signs to warn customers and passers-by to avoid littering. This way you won’t need to take extraordinary measures to clean up spills and messes that have set and hardened.
  • Use “wet floor” signs, absorbent mats, and anti-skid paint in areas that are prone to moisture and slippery conditions.
  • Maintain a policy of cleanliness at your workplace.

Georgia Power Washing, LLC Handles Your Issues

Performing these tasks will greatly reduce your likelihood of slip and fall liability. If you’re struggling to clean up grimy or oily surfaces, contact Georgia Power Washing, LLC at 678-954-2134  for all your power washing and softwashing needs in North Georgia, Metro Atlanta & Athens Areas.

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